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Perfect Fit Program

At we are not just another online bowling retailer - we are a full service pro shop that drills thousands of bowling balls a year for our customers.  We realize that many of our customers live a distance from us that prohibits them from visiting our showrooms to have a bowling ball custom drilled for them until now.  We are proud to introduce our new Perfect Fit Program for our new customers that do not live within a distance that they can physically visit one of our locations.  

How Does the Perfect Fit Program Work?  

  1. When you decide to purchase a new bowling ball from, for an additional $50 we will send you a shipping label in your email for you to print out and then ship us your best fitting bowling ball.  Box up that ball and ship it back to us. 
  2. Once receives your ball, we will copy all the span measurements off the ball, as well as important information such as your positive axis point and axis tilt so we now have your specs.
  3. will at no additonal charge upon your permission, revive the bowling ball by extracting the oil, resurfacing it back to the factory finish and replace the finger grips with a new set of inserts.  This alone is a $40-50 value in most pro shops.
  4. will then layout and drill your new bowling ball based on feedback that you provide us for the desired reaction or specific layout.  
  5. Once complete, we will ship both bowling balls back to you
  6. For purchases in the future, we will now have your measurements on file

FAQ's on the Perfect Fit Program 

  • Does it include inserts?  Yes, the price does include finger inserts, as well as a thumb slug, or Turbo Switch Grip outer sleeve, Vise Ball-It, or Ultimate outer sleeve.  We will use the same brand and style finger inserts as the bowling ball you sent in.  It does not include any inner sleeves or removable slugs for interchangeable thumb inserts or the creation of a Custom Thumb Mold. These are options that you can add onto your order for an additional charge.
  • Is the drilling of the new ball included in the $50 price?  Yes, it is all included
  • What is the turnaround time to drill the ball?  Once we receive the ball that you ship us we should be able to ship most orders within 1-2 business days
  • Can I repeat this service in the future?  This is special price intended to be offered once per customer.  In the future if you would like to have us drill a ball once we have your specs on file you may select "Measurements on File" when purchasing a new ball from us.
  • Can I discuss a specific layout with you?  Yes, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email so we can get you the best reaction possible out of your new bowling ball.  

Email us at with any questions regarding this program or any products and services we offer